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War in the Dronelands: The Story So Far

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

My alliance, Intrepid Crossing (IRC), is in full-on war mode. For those who don’t follow nulsec politics very closely, the short version is this…

Two Russian alliances, Solar Fleet and Legion of xXDEATHXx (I always feel xXSILLYXx typing that name), went to war with one another at the end of 2011. IRC at first avoided involvement, but in the end entered the conflict because we owe a debt to Solar. While Solar and allies carved deep into Legion of xXDEATHXx’s territories in the south during Russian prime time, IRC waged a campaign to shut down Legion’s renter income by attacking Shadow of xXDEATHXx’s holdings in Oasa during U.S. and Euro prime times. Shadow is the renter alliance that is the source of most of Legion’s wealth.

Losing badly, xXDEATHXx hired uber-mercs, Pandemic Legion, with a contract to remove Solar from the Drone Regions. Along the way, Pandemic Legion, along with their occasional allies “NCdot” (not to be confused with the origional Northern Coalition, of course), ended up striking hard at IRC’s capital system, E-BYOS. We in IRC shifted to a suicidal insurgency model, since PL’s and NCdot’s super capital fleets were no match for our own forces in a toe-to-toe fight, but things weren’t looking great. PL and NCdot then brokered an agreement between IRC and xXDEATHXx: a mutual non-invasion pact. In other words, IRC would withdraw from trying to take systems in Oasa, and xXDEATHXx (and PL) would not try to take sovereignty away from IRC in Cobalt Edge.

There was a lot of grumbling within IRC when the pact was agreed to, but there weren’t many alternatives. Still, we were allowed to roam xXDEATHXx’s regions, just not threaten their sovereignty, nor place AFK cloakers in their system. So we had a new, closeby source of PvP experience, but had to otherwise bow out of the Russian Civil War.

xXDEATHXx (PL, really) then proceded to beat back Solar, forcing them to regroup and retreat to an extent. Solar handed all of their systems in Cobalt Edge over to IRC, while at the same time IRC began transferring its Tenal assets over to Raiden, who were preparing to fight against the Goons and their allies in the north.

Fast forward a few weeks. Solar begins to turn the tide, and with allies Against All Authorities (-A-) chases xXDEATHXx ally Red Alliance out of their homes, thus isolating xXDEATHXx. Then, in a move that so far appears to have been a gross miscalculation, xXDEATHXx broke the pact brokered by PL and NCdot with IRC. Cluster of Rebirth, who at the time were blue to IRC, suddenly started dropping sovereignty blockade units in IRC’s capital constellation, with xXDEATHXx corps doing the same.

This treachery kicked off a fierce multi-day campaign, seemingly coming to a close even as I write this, to head-shot IRC in the E-BYOS system, as well as the surrounding station systems. The height of the campaign included a dozen-hour period in which wave after wave of forces descended on E-BYOS and surrounding systems, while IRC pilots reshipped and reshipped. In the end, seven xXDEATHXx capital ships were destroyed, and billions of ISK worth of destruction was wreaked on both sides.

Now, as I write this, there are no sovereignty timers going in any IRC systems in Cobalt Edge.

Simultaneous with the defense of Cobalt, IRC launched a counter-offensive. Where before, we were in the fight to support our allies Solar and to disrupt xXDEATHXx’s income, this time things are different. xXDEATHXx have proved to be unreliable neighbors. For years they have not liked IRC, but also respected all mutual agreements entered into among the Drone Russian Forces. A betrayal like this, though, changes the equation. Add to that the likelihood that the powerful mercinary forces that saved xXDEATHXx the first time are not likely to get involved a second time with a client who sullies their diplomatic relations, and you can imagine the wild enthusiasm for all out war among the rank and file PvP’ers of Cobalt Edge.

But nothing is certain in New Eden, most especially during a time of war. The Goons have interferred several times, always entering in on the side of xXDEATHXx. And the story of the war for Tenal has yet to be written. But for now, I’m having a total blast as a scout and mainline PvP’er in Oasa, Perrigren Falls, and Outer Passage. Some of the battles I’ve fought, both at home and abroad, have been epic.

I joined Eve Online first and foremost for the opportunity to be part of the collective writing of the permanent history of New Eden. Hanging out on comms, going on roams, learning new parts of the game–peacetime is nice. But frankly, I find in this game I am a warrior (or perhaps a soldier–there’s a difference, you know) more than anything else, and so I am most in my element during war, however it fairs.

I started out writing an article I’ve been intending for some time, titled, “10 Steps to Becoming a Top 10 Killer for Your Alliance”, but realized that perhaps I should first post a little about what context I’m playing in, and where I’m coming from. I have one more sort of “intro” kinda article I’m going to put up, before I get down to the (to me) fun topics of becoming a top killer without a ton of skill points, triple-box scouting, and other such things. Until then, fly like you’re already dead.