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The Good Reverend Sells Out

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Beat you to it! (You know who you are.)

Anyway, I have begun writing for that new Eve news site. You know the one.

I have been impressed with both their quality standards and with their efforts to use writers with a diversity of viewpoints. For instance, my own alliance is quite red to (and at war with) the CFC.

My first contribution is a review of the book, Rules for Radicals. I have long felt that it has useful things to say to anyone at all interested in nulsec politics and warfare. You can see its principles being actively applied by major alliance leaders, if you know to look.

Not convinced to read the book for yourself? Well, at least check out the short review I wrote before you decide.


Eve as Art: Help Me Choose

Friday, March 30th, 2012

A little while back, I won an interesting prize at one of the monthly Austin Eve meetups. For the full details, go read what I wrote then.

Anyway, I went through a bunch of different options for a screen shot to turn into a print, and ended up with a shot of my Jaguar doing a flyby past the Intrepid Crossing TCU in DK0-N8 system, in Cobalt Edge. Tonight, I got back the proofs. There are two versions. Which do you like better?

The original image:

Or this edited one:

Welcome to

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Hello New Eden! You likely have no idea who I am, and I’ve only been playing eve for just under a year, and frankly I’m pretty bad at most aspects of the game. And therefore, you should read my blog.


Oh, and listen to my podcast, too, once it’s all pulled together. But more on that at another time.

Need more of an introduction than that? Sigh. Okay, here goes…

I’m Reverend Mak. I first heard about Eve Online years ago, and even downloaded the client. But for whatever reason, I never got around to starting a trial account. Fast forward to spring 2011: a friend can’t stop talking about the game, and I start reading more about the player-created history of the game, the rise and fall of alliances, the cons, the wars, the betrayals, the Goons, the spies… And so I made a character.

After fooling around in the game for a month or so, I bio’d my first character and started over. Thus, on 2011.05.25 (at 16:34:00 to be exact), Reverend Mak (Caldari-Deteis-Merchandisers for those who care about that stuff) became a capsuleer. I ran through all the tuturials and career agent missions then went on to that amazing noob paddywhack machine, the Sisters of Eve epic mission arc.

By the time I finished that, I had decided to focus on mining and industry, and then later create a pvp alt. Looking at the map, I chose Hageken system, in Lonetrek, to settle in as my first real “home”. Basically I wanted a Caldari system, with lots of belts and several good stations, and a 0.5 or 0.6 security rating.

And then I mined.

After not much time shooting rocks, I started to notice that there was a corp that was very active in Hageken, also doing mining. I saw their anchored GSC’s everywhere. So the first time I saw one of their pilots in local, I asked them how they liked being members of the corp. That’s how I met one of the directors of Abh Academy. They seemed happy and mentally stable (two things that seem oddly rare among New Eden immortals), and a little research showed that they had a sister corp in nulsec, where I eventually wanted to move my operations, so I applied to join.

I hung with the good carebears for a few weeks, mining and skilling, and occasionally making money running courier trips off contract. The game wasn’t fun in and of itself, so much as the interaction with other ABH Academy members. The most exciting thing that happened was a 1 week wardec. Instead of turtling up, a bunch of us decided to try to fight back. We had maybe two small fights with inconclusive results, and then our wartarget stopped showing up. It was fun, but looking back I can only shake my head at how little I understood about what was going on.

Eventually, though, our sister (parent, really) corp let us know that they were doing a recruitment drive, and who of us felt we were ready to “deploy” to nulsec? I was still very green, and was told I could wait, but the idea of moving to the “big show” was too appealing to put off. I refocused my skill plan away from the hulk/orca/refining/manufacturing path I was on to rush to get to the bare bones minimum requirement of being able to fly a Drake. Yeah.

Requirements for deployment from Abh Academy to Abh Empire have since gone up. But at the time they were really pushing to bump up membership in nulsec. You see, they had lost a bunch of carebears recently due to a war they had been in; now that the war was winding down, they were rebuilding.

Now, the friend I told you about at the beginning of this Great Expository Wall of Text was a director in a corp in an alliance associated with the Northern Coalition (RIP). So I had heard a little about the terrible juggernaut that was the DRF, and how the noble folks in the north were fighting a desperate battle for survival. So I knew a little about this war Abh Empire had been involved with, but I didn’t know what their role, if any, had been during the conflict.

Believe it or not, I only really realized that I had joined the “evil” DRF after I had been living in Cobalt Edge for about a week. Abh Empire, the nulsec side of Abh Academy, was a member corp in Intrepid Crossing (ticker IRC). IRC were the Euro/US time zone industrial client state of Russian alliance Solar Fleet. Many outside of IRC seem to mistakenly believe we are a bunch of Russians; this is based on some dunderheaded smack talk in local from various random roams that come through from time to time. But we are mostly a mix of English, American, German, Spanish, Dutch Portuguese, Canadian, and Latin American capsuleers, only a handful of whom know any Russian at all. Coms are mostly in English, with one or two corps also using a second channel for translation during fleet ops.

Anyway, I stumbled almost totally accidentally into being (as Arydanika keeps calling me) an “evil IRC dude”. But despite randomly falling into it, I am totally happy with the alliance I now call my online family. I love flying for IRC. And my friend from Fidelas Constans? I shoot his corpmates in the face every chance I get. (He’s now CEO of his corp, and so of course never actually has time to get in a fleet and play Eve. I’ll pod him someday, I’m sure.)

And speaking of shooting people in the face…

I set out thinking Reverend Mak would be a happy capitalist/miner/industrialist. After my first big fleet fight, though, I found that I spent all my mining and ratting (which in the Drone Refions is just a different kind of mining), watching intel for the barest twitch of a hint of action. Manufacturing was abandoned, skilling past the retriever was forgotten about, and my whole vision was quickly shifted to becoming an increasingly valuable soldier on the PvP side of the alliance.

I have an alt that does planetary interaction, trading, and blueprint research. My main shoots rats and collects alloys to sell, but mostly is out roaming solo or in gangs when my wallet can support the losses.

So that’s how I got where I am today. I am addicted to the post-PvP adrenaline shakes, fascinated by solo and fleet tactics, and still very intrigued by the Great Game of diplomatic PvP played out at the alliance and coalition level.

And that’s who Reverend Mak is. At least so far. It’s where I’m coming from. So as you read further blog posts here at, know that I truly am a noob at this “terrible game”, and that while I understand the appeal of the carebear life, I am, at my core, a large nulsec alliance PvP pilot, living and killing 24 jumps away from the nearest hisec system. And loving it.

I Need Your Help Right Now

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Hey, New Eden!

I’m partway through an introduction post to this brand new Eve Online blog (yes we need another one; why would you ask that?), but I have something so pressing and important to talk to you about, that I’m just going to skip over long-winded autobiographical introductions and just come out and say it:

I need your help.

You see, I occasionally attend an Eve meetup in Austin, TX. You may have heard of it, especially if you listen to the awesome Voices from the Void podcast; Voices host Arydanika is a regular attendee at these meetups.

Anyway, our meetup group has recently picked up a sponsor that week: RealScreens. They’re a company that has developed a process to improve the quality of computer screen captures when blowing them up. They then take screen captures from games and turn them into stretched-canvas prints for hanging on your wall.

And at the end of the evening, there was a drawing, and I ended up being the one to win a free print.

But here’s the problem: I can’t figure out what I want a print of. Obviously, something Eve-related. For awhile I was frapsing practically everything I did, in case I came across a moment worth replaying and capturing a still from. But I live in nulsec and fly in a large alliance. Most of my view of the game is pulled out all the way and full of dozens–if not hundreds–of purple and red little boxes. My wife is already a little iffy about Eve art hanging on our wall; it’d help my case if the result was at least a little more artistic than a nulsec fleet battle.

So at this point I need to either stage something myself, or blatantly steal someone else’s work. That’s where you come in.

Please get back to me over the next day or so with any of the following:

  1. a suggestion of something that’d be easy to stage and capture that’d be awesome hanging on any Eve player’s wall;
  2. a link to a really cool eve screenshot that is online and that I might be able to get permission to use; or
  3. an original screenshot of your own that you think is so awesome it needs to be immortalized by stretched canvas, but that is not so awesome that I will have to pay you cash money for the priviledge of doing so.

For any of the above, keep in mind that the final print will be on a wide, panoramic-shaped (is that a thing?) canvas. Think widescreen but a little more. Check out the RealScreens site linked above for an idea of what I’m talking about.

Oh, and I need this, like, now. The next meetup is quickly coming up and I need to send the screencapture to the nice folks at RealScreen in time for them to produce the print for presenting.

So hit me up with a comment to this post, or send an email to or an EveMail to, yes, Reverend Mak. You can even tweet me @ReverendMak, if you’re into that kind of thing.