We like to say that “Internet Spaceships are serious business.” Our game is full of painful losses, vindictive attacks, brutal wars, and assholes whose tunnel vision leads them to do awful and pointless things. But Eve Online doesn’t hold a candle to Real Life.

In protest of a movie–a movie–a bunch of brainwashed semi-literate armed retards who bring shame to Allah attacked and set fire to the U.S. consolate in Benghazi, Libya. American staff had been relocated to a secondary building, so at first they were not in immediate danger. Then members of the Libyan security detail assigned to protect them decided instead to tip off the little-minded hate-filled mob about their targets actual location.

In Eve, it’s called Awoxing. But in Eve, no one actually dies.

Four real people died. They were the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, two U.S. Marines, and Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. To those who know the world of Eve, however, Sean Smith is also known as Vile Rat, the extremely successful spy and later Goon diplomat.

I never got to personally know Sean. But I followed his exploits as closely as I could. His work for the GIA is legendary. A large part of what initially motivated me to finally open an Eve account were stories of his and a handful of others accomplishments in the infamous Eve “metagame”. I admired him as a player, even as I worked against him in the game.

His murder fills me with anger. The fanatics who shot him probably never even saw the film they were protesting.

There is something in human nature that wants to destroy anything that is not itself. It takes on many forms. Greed. Selfishness. Hate. And it is the nature of the human mind that what we desire is more powerful than what we think. Our will can completely dominate our intellect. And so we rationalize. When we are in competition with someone, there is always the danger that our will, given free reign, will manipulate our intellect into coming up with justifications for awful, disproportionate behavior. Let’s post the real address of that guy in the game and get people to send death threats. It’s okay to cut power to his house in the real world because his titan is a threat to all that is good in New Eden. I can say anything about anyone no matter how false, disgusting or hateful, because they are The Enemy.

Folks, this is a GAME. When you experience real hate for someone becuase of what they say or do or represent in a digital game of let’s pretend, then you are broken. Log off. Unsubscribe. Get the hell out of my game. You are not mature enough for this playground.

Yes, I know there is a discrete degree of difference between actually shooting someone dead in Libya and merely desiring someone’s death in your heart. But while civil law is all about the effects of human decisions, moral law deals largely with their intent. And my personal moral failing is that when I see murderous hatred, whether acted on or merely given voice to, I, too, hate. I am disgusted. I struggle to not write you off as non-human.

I’m upset so I’m rambling. Those people shouldn’t be dead. Vile Rat should still be in the game. The people who committed this atrocity did it over a piece of media. And perhaps I’m anticipating a stereotypical tone-deaf response from some anti-goons. Frankly, I’m hesitant to log on today. But maybe you all will surprise me. Maybe, for once, we can forget reds and blues, and just acknowledge that Vile Rat played the game well, and that his death is an ugly, evil thing, without justification.

Here’s news coverage:

And’s official statement:

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UPDATE: Thank you, thank you, Eve community, for exceeding my fearful expectations. The sincere-mourning vs. stupid-troll ratio looks very healthy. Glad we can come together on this.


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